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Don’t repeal the Affordable Care Act. Make it easier for caregiving families to get the support we need — not harder.

The new plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act would be a disaster for caregiving families.

Family caregivers need all the support we can get. And for years, much of that support has come from the Affordable Care Act. The ACA provides vital, affordable, accessible, and quality care for the Caring Majority — those of us who both need and provide care — from expanding Medicaid (so more people qualified for in-home care support) to making it easier to buy health insurance without the support of an employer (because so many family caregivers cut back on work — and lose benefits — to care for our loved ones).

We all want to be there for our families, in ways that make them feel loved and cared for. That includes being able to get the care we need, when and where we need it. And for all families to get care at a price they can afford.