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Tell Congress: Defend Medicaid! Reject work requirements and expand, not cut, the country’s #1 provider of long-term care insurance.


Rather than take steps to support our efforts to be there for our families, no matter what, the GOP-controlled Congress is attacking Medicaid. The largest provider of long-term care insurance in the country, it is also a life-saver for a people who leave the workforce in order to care for a loved one.

That’s because family caregivers are more likely to be low-income, older, women, and people of color and less likely to have access to health insurance through a job or spouse. Medicaid is critical to helping caregivers take care of their own health while they care for a loved one. However, work requirements could force family caregivers to lose their health insurance or face additional hurdles to keep it.

This is particularly hard on caregiving women, over half of whom have a chronic condition of their own and a quarter of whom experience health problems as a result of their caregiving.

Caregiving is difficult, round-the-clock work. Work requirements - even if they count caregiving as work - mandate documentation and reporting of the hours spent caring for loved ones. Mess up and you risk losing coverage.

While insurance companies like UnitedHealthcare get billions of dollars of annual tax breaks, 11 million American families could lose health coverage by 2025 and insurance premiums will go up an average of $1990 in 2019. Medicaid (and Medicare and Social Security) are firmly in the crosshairs of the Congress because they claim the need to cut them to pay for the 2017 tax cuts. Those same cuts gave nearly $1 trillion in benefits to the richest 1% and corporations and almost nothing for the rest of us.

Join us in demanding Congress reject the Medicaid work requirements the Trump Administration is pushing and expand, rather than cut, Medicaid. The voices and experiences of the Caring Majority have been excluded from the from the process of changing our health care at every level. They need to hear from us.