You know the stereotypes:

Real men don’t care for their family, they provide for them. They don’t do laundry or diapers, groceries or dinner. They earn, while the women do the caring. A man should never ask for help, or support, or be vulnerable because that shows weakness. A “real man” shows strength by doing it all on his own.

These ideas aren’t just inaccurate, they are harmful cultural norms — and they hurt everyone. Men are more isolated, more reluctant to seek help, and unprepared to take on caregiving responsibilities.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

More and more men are rejecting these stereotypes and taking on a healthier, stronger, more caring masculinity. Men like you, who know that caring for the people you love is hard work, important work, and requires all of us.

#WeKnowYouCare, so join with the #CaringMajority and help create a world where every any man can be man enough to care.

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